Mike Ashley

Spring 2017

June 08, 2017

A lot has happened this spring. At work we launched in February and shipped in April the Biomek i-Series liquid handling robots. This program was a major update to our hardware platform. It’s a complex product with many parts, so I am busy working with my team to stabilize production and support early customer installs.

I’m keeping bees this year for the first time. This has expanded into remote sensor monitoring with custom-designed and -built electronics. I’ve also been investigating how to send data back home while staying off the grid. To that end, I picked up my general class amateur radio license (call sign KD9IQK) in May to investigate using digital modes (APRS perhaps). This is quite a lot to tackle and has turned into a program that will take me months to complete. My goal is a working system next spring with at least one of my two hives surviving the next winter.

Finally, while pedestrian, I’ve been spending time this spring on house maintenance. The i-Series program was arduous, and the last four quarters were especially tough. The house shows the lack of upkeep, and I’ve been attending to repairs and landscaping work.